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A photograph is never taken, it is always given.

Steve McCurry





A Project with TATA-Steel CSR, Jamshedpur

In December 2021, I was chosen aboard a three-month project with TATA-Steel CSR as a researcher and writer for their book and series of short films.   

Our team's expedition started from Assam, traversed through Jharkhand, and ended in Telangana. We explored the indigenous cuisine and culture of the tribes in all three states, covering 6 major tribes - the Bodo and Rabha tribe in Assam, the Oraon, the Santhal and the Ho tribe in Jharkhand, and the Koya tribe in Telangana/Andhra Pradesh. 

The book written became a treasury of tribal recipes from the eastern tribal belt of India. Infused with these recipes are the aspirations, anecdotes, legends, and histories of the tribes. I worked as a Chief Co-Writer on the book, titled Re-Orthodoxed, which is yet to be published by TATA. 

The short episodic films delve into the mosaic of indigenous culture - from music and medicine to rituals and religion - all in the background of the rich culinary practices of the tribes. We documented the process of making traditional dishes (some delicacies include silkworms, snails, laddoos, millet porridge) which became a mirror into their very identity. I worked as a scriptwriter on the films. The series is yet to be released by TATA.



A Project for DGLL (Government of India)

In January 2024, I embarked on a journey from Surat (Gujarat) to Ratnagiri (Maharashtra) along the scenic Konkan Coast of India, documenting 8 historic lighthouses. This project was undertaken as a part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision to develop lighthouses as tourist spots, welcoming the general public into these lonesome towers to relish the scenic sights they offer. The outcome was a coffee-table book documenting 75 lighthouses across the coast of India, on which I worked as a Writer and Photographer.

Our team had the good fortune of interacting with the natives who surrounded each lighthouse, like the East Indian Koli fisherfolk of Uttan (Maharashtra) and the Tandel's of Valsad (Gujarat) who let us into their homes and lives, sharing the struggles and joys of being at sea. 

The coffee-table book published for the DGLL (Govt. of India) by Cosmos Creatives, acts as an enticing map of lighthouses for any traveller who wishes to tread on the path less trodden and soak in the serene solitude of lighthouses. The book was unveiled by PM Modi in February 2024.