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A short film made in Phyang Monastery, Ladakh, in 2021.

In August 2021, I had the privilege of participating in a 40-day Documentary Filmmaking workshop in Leh-Ladakh. It was conducted by Auroville Film Institute in collaboration with the Himalayan Institute of Alternative Learning (HIAL). What resulted was an adventure of a lifetime amidst those naked mountains and cold deserts, and of course, a film which is very close to my heart.

Midnight Mirage (11 mins) went on to be selected for a screening in the Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) 2022, the Pune Short Film Festival 2023 as well as the Chennai International Documentary and Short Film Festival 2024.

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A short documentary film made on the inspiring saga of Commander Dilram Gurung, tracing his journey from the remote villages in Nepal to the esteemed Indian Naval Institutions. (2024)

Films on YouTube

How is life in a quaint Sikkimese village-school? Or in the clamourous city of Bombay? 

How did I fall in love with cinema? What was my take on the 2021 Farmer's Protests which shook the nation?

See it through my lens.... here.

The Art of SHAring - a film on Sikkim Himalayan Academy
Good Grape Productions

The Art of SHAring - a film on Sikkim Himalayan Academy

A day after my 22nd birthday in March this year, I got off a jeep in a small Sikkimese village with a rucksack on my shoulders and a desire to 'give back' in my heart. I'd decided to make 2023 the 'year of seva'. All my life I had received anything and everything I wanted... whether it was the Barbie pogo stick as a child, my dream college as a teen, or the freedom to pursue my passion as an adult. The Universe had been beyond kind. It was time to balance out the blessings by sharing them... especially with those who need it the most. I volunteered at Sikkim Himalayan Academy for three months - teaching subjects, singing songs, serving food, making art, and telling stories to the kids there. Understanding their complex lives and watching their simple smiles - despite all of the hardships. But again if I said I gave more than I received I'd be lying. I arrived at the school after a tumultuous period in my life, after dropping out of the dream college, feeling misunderstood by those closest to me, and hitting rock bottom in physical health. But it's safe to say that the children, the teachers and the villagers of this corner of the world, with their love, respect and care healed me. I met some amazing folks here too - GS sir, Maree miss, Nedup sir, Miss Divya, Dan, Ravi, Aru, Ruma miss... This film is an ode to the people who have and are contributing to the wonderful work being done at SHA. It's been 20 years since the 'blue school' opened its doors and ever since it has provided not only an education but also a home to the children of Sikkim. So here it is - Happy Anniversary, Dear SHA! Thank you for giving me a tiny place in your wide heart and a small chapter in your long saga of liberating people through the armour of a good education. I hope to be on the country road that leads me to your home soon.... To know more about SHA - To donate - Instagram - @sikkimhimalayanacademy A film by Vanshika Bhatnagar. Website - Email - Instagram - @good.grape P.S. because of some technical glitch, Youtube is not allowing comments on this video. If you’d like to get in touch with me about SHA or the film, please do by the email above.

The Lighthouse Film Project

The Prongs Lighthouse has stood on the tip of Bombay city as a symbol of homecoming and hope for over 150 years now. To commemorate this milestone, celebrate the heritage and shine a light on the untold stories of the lighthouse and its keepers, I am independently working on a documentary film on it. Still a work in progress, the project is in the research and initial stages of production currently. Interested in coming onboard? Get in touch with me today!

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